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All participants will be presented with a formal ethics forms to complete and sign, before full participation within the practice. This will ensure that all sitters will be aware of what I aim to do with the work, and also how I intend on portraying their identities. All information provided on 'My Approach' of this website also outlines each stage of the process, to provide participants and viewers with information on how I choose to contribute to such a sensitive piece of work. 

If a subject wishes, their identity can remain anonymous, by ensuring imagery of the participants do not include their faces or specific areas of identity. Due to the sensitive nature of this practice, all participants can opt out of the research project when/if they please. 

All images taken by myself, and the sitters will be copyright, to ensure there are no distribution of the images from outside sources. This will mean that once signed and agreed upon the ethics form, I, the photographer reserve the rights to display the imagery in the format I wish. In this case the final distribution will be a combination of a photo book publication, and  end of project exhibition.

If there are any other questions about the ethics of the project or any other such issues, feel free to contact. 

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