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Why have I chosen this research?

As a non-sex worker researching in to the sex industry, I acknowledge I am an outsider looking in. I want to avoid the generic outsider's perspective, which is why I want to provide a body of work that is collaborative. A body of work that provides sex workers as artists, using the contribution of me as an artist. In creating a body of work such as this, it will look at the strong notion of  'sex work is work', but additional to this, to represent the mundane, 'normal', aspect of a workers life.

In choosing to photograph, research and represent sex workers, I am looking at ways to change the traditional viewing of sex workers. The media and film industry often depicts a life of struggle, lack of choice, and portrays the, mostly grim, perceptions of how a sex worker lives. From my year of studying thus far, I notice this is not completely factual. There are many experiences of working as a sex worker, not only negative. Although, I respect the value that not everyone enjoys this line of work, I can also see that women want to be in the industry, enjoy their roles and have chosen this for a better way of life. I want this body of work to tell this story to its best ability. 

As you can see from Volume I, I have photographed the aspects of life that people, even the clients, don't see. The parts that build the individual's character, their personalities, but also present this idea of multifaceted identity, that workers use to avoid the problematic inevitability of being acknowledged as a sex worker. 

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