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Hire my services

Transcribing Facilities (Audio & Video):                      £15 per hour. 

I can provide you with top quality transcriptions, of interviews, audio, event coverage, and podcasts. All files will be transcribed to the best standard providing good quality audio, and returned within an allotted time. If you have other specific requests, please get in touch.

Researching (Articles or otherwise):                               £10 per hour.

Inclusive of articles, newspaper publications, and more, I can do the hard work of finding relevant papers for your research, writing, or even photography work. Get in touch for any more requests or information.

Photographic Facilities:

Headshots:                                                    £100

Gig Photography:                                          £70

Events:                                                          £100

Set Photography/BTS:                                    £100




Contact me for any other requests.

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